Aims to be the link between the multinational healthcare companies and the distribution companies / dealers / healthcare professionals within AL MENA region.

 Act as a solution partner for reputable multinational medical device manufacturers within MENA region, based on our long standing experience in marketing, sales, network and know-how.

 We introduce products and services to the markets, develop brand recognition and create brand equity. We ensure sustainbale growth and assist in setting the right goals for our principals.

 We provide services tailored to the unique business nature of the region. We involve in compnay set-ups, registrations, imports, export, distribution, sales, marketing and training functions.

 ALMENA HEALTHCARE and its affiliated companiesmanaged by a group of professionals & industry veterans each having more than 25 years of experience with multinational companies.

Such level of experience gives us the ability of managing brands and establish relationships within the healthcare sector in MENA-SA countries.